Linda, you are a terrific individual!  You stayed with us through the whole thing, even went to Brantford with us and our best interest was always your primary concern as you guided us through the process of purchasing and mortgaging our home.  You were always polite and a great listener especially when it came to our needs.  You paid attention to detail, were patient and well informed especially when it came to mortgage details.  Even a couple of years later we find you are still here for us with your honesty and are available to chat anytime even  in the grocery store aisle.

"Linda Thanks for staying in touch with us - it makes us feel that we have a real pro and a friend in our corner. We have had dealings with other agents in the past, and NONE of them have shown a fraction of the professionalism that you have shown. Thank you for gaining our trust-which is a very hard thing to do. It allows us to relax a little knowing that we have someone looking out for our best interests. You will get some referrals from us and that is a promise!" 

Thank you so much for all your help during my transition.  I not only found someone who took quick actin but also someone who poured their heart and soul into doing everything they could for me.  You are a very special person Linda.  I was fortunate to get to meet you and know you a little bit when I felt like everything was falling apart.  I wish you much continued success in your work and think you once again for being you.  People like you don’t happen every day.   With a lot of thanks, Mary.

Yes, the deal closed without incident last Friday. Both Wendy and I are quite pleased with the outcome as this lets us move on with the next chapter of our lives. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the all the hard work you did in helping to close this deal. I think with another agent, we might not have been successful. It was a pleasure getting to know you, both professionally and personally. 
We'll certainly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their property, especially in the Haldimand area.
Now if only you could find my son a house so he'll move out of mine :)Regards

Linda, words cannot express the wonderful person we think you are.  You are one in a million.  There aren’t many people out there that would have done for another person what you have done for us.  You are a rare person in this day and age that would put our best interests ahead of your own especially when you are just starting out in Real Estate.  You are a good person Linda – what goes around comes around and you will get it back ten-fold just by being the wonderful, honest, hardworking person that you are!  We will recommend you to anyone and everyone with 100% confidence.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Your honesty saved us from making a huge mistake.  Love & gratitude, L & C

I consider Linda to be a complete professional in every way yet retains the personal touch.  Always willing to go the extra mile.  Calls or emails me back within a very short time frame.
H & N